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Military Orders & Termination

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Military Orders & Termination

I signed up for service January 2017 and by July/August I was deployed. I called Xfinity to let them know and they stated that my account can be temporarily suspended in July 2017. While I was away I received a call the my equipment would need to be turned in and I had a family member do this for me. Now that I am back and would like to have the service again, Xfinity says I owe them $569.84 because the account was disconnected due to Non-pay (LIES) and when I talked to a manager she said they dont do suspensions for military and that if I want my service back I need to ay the fee plus $100. 


This is crazy I have been in the military a long time and I have never had this problem. Can someone possibly help with this? I have my orders as proof as well that I was away.


Re: Military Orders & Termination

Hi Kirsten8177 -- I can help with your account issue. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I will also need a copy of your deployment papers to verify the dates you were gone. I will work with our local finance team on having this corrected with that information.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.