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Mark on my credit report

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Mark on my credit report

Long story short, at the end of 2014, I moved out of my apartment, but my service kept charging me, so, need less to say, it went into collection and was put on my credit history. I called a few times to argue this because I cancelled it when I moved (I don't need internet for a place I don't live in anymore), but the response I always got was, "You could either pay us or... pay us." So, anyways, my question is, if I just pay the bill, will it disappear off my credit report or will it always just be there? I can afford the amount and it's not enough to really justify going through all the work to get the required proof and fight with Comcast again if I can just pay it and be done with it. If it stays there, then I'll go back to fighting it just out of sheer principle, but I'd really rather not if we can work out a deal.

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Re: Mark on my credit report

Hi, Eagahbed - If you pay off the outstanding balance, your credit report will show "Paid in full" for the collection remark but it won't be removed from your credit history. Lenders will see that you took care of the debt. Please let me know if you have any questions.