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Lost customer owned equipment (cable card) credit

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Lost customer owned equipment (cable card) credit

I have two customer owned cable card compatible devices (TiVos) that each have one cable card installed.  Prior to the August 2018 bill redesign, I was receiving a $2.50 credits for my primary outlet and a reduced additional outlet fee ($7.45, now $7.29, which includes a $2.50 credit) for the secondary outlet.  Since August, the $2.50 credit for the primary outlet was removed (I didn't discover this until today). 


The Customer Owned Equipment Policy states (bolded for emphasis):

Comcast provides a credit to customers who have an activated CableCARD installed in a customer-owned device (e.g., TiVo or CableCARD-equipped television) or customers that own a qualifying converter (See Customer Owned Equipment Policy) if the customer subscribes to a Comcast video service that includes equipment as a part of the service. Customers who qualify will receive a monthly credit of $2.50 for each qualifying activated CableCard device or converter.


Qualifying devices are described in the full customer owned equipment policy document which states that a qualified device is one that is using a cable card provided by Comcast.  Both my TiVos are.


Since a cable box is included as part of my package, I should be getting a $2.50 credit for the primary outlet, which I'm not.


How can I get that re-instated?