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Late fees during pandemic?!

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Late fees during pandemic?!

 Comcast/Xfinity has been charging me late fees even though my payments are not even 30 days behind. It is totally outrageous to charge late fees during this pandemic. When I tried to pay my past due balance, the onscreen message I received was "you don't have any past due balance on your account."  Xfinity charged me for fax and voice lines that I had canceled 3 years ago. They owe me money and refuse to talk to me about the issue anymore. ---After I spent over *6-7 hours talking to different people in various departments over a 3 year period. 

Xfinity states that it cares about it's customers in their response to Covid-19-

They cared so much as to offer their Xfinity assstance plan to those customers who were financially struggling. This assistance plan cost $14.95 (plus their infamous 15 or more line-item charges I'm sure) and was good for 3 weeks (whoopie!). The plan included the lowest possible intenet speed (useless to most households) and if you had any balance on your account, your TV service would get cut off.

The assistance plan also allowed customers the continuation of landline service or Xfinity voice. How nice of them, only the majority of people no longer have a landline.  
When I asked for a plan without Xfinity voice, I was told they didn't have a plan without voice in my area. What? They can't take the voice service out of a plan? I've been trying to cancel my landline for 3 years-unsuccessfully.
 We've been customers for almost 20 years and I would've canceled all services with Xfinity 5 years ago, except for the fact that they have a monopoly in my area on internet service. I've heard stories about the company raising rates on fixed income seniors DURING the pandemic.
Next letters I write are to the FCC and the CFPB. 
I found interesting articles about Comcast being fined by the FCC in 2016. The FCC said it received over 1,000 complaints from customers, who said Comcast charged them for premium channels, cable boxes, DVRs or other products that they never ordered. 
In many cases, the FCC said, customers expressly told Comcast that they didn't want the add-on options, but they were charged anyway. *Complaints also describe how customers spent "significant time and energy to attempt to remove the unauthorized charges" and get refunds, the commission said.