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Is there an actual person I can talk to about a billing / collection question?

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Is there an actual person I can talk to about a billing / collection question?

I've literally been an uinterrupted comcast customer for over 20 years. The last few months have been a nightmare and I simply can't get anyone on the phone to discuss, much less takeof this issue.


I moved to a new address last year. I still owned the home at my previous address, but I had moved out. I kept internet active and was back and forth between addresses moving out / getting the old house ready to sell etc.


I had my service (just internet) transferred to my new address. Comcast support transferred all my email accounts over and everything went well. Once service was up and running at the new address, I went online to cut off the internet service at the old address. It was still active. I had paperless billing and paid all bills online with no issues before this.  Since the transfer of my email /account I could not access the billing for the old address.  Apparently the new address got a new account number. I figured no problem, I'll take all the Comcast equipment to local Xfinity store, turn it in and pay the final bill.


The Xfinity store told me the final bill was something ridiculous like $500. They explained it included all the equipment (that I had with me and was turning in) and that after a day or two, the system would adjust that based on me turning the equipment in and the final bill would be lower. I told them I could not access the old house's comcast account  online anymore and they entered some information into the computer, I gave them my new address and they told me they'd mail me the final bill.


No problem. It's take care of I thought.


The new bill never showed up. No email. No mailed statement. No bill.  Keep in mind, all this time I have a current Comcast account, the same repsonsible party listed (I was the only person on each of these accounts) and was paying the bill on my current account every month.


Then I get a phone call about a collection.  It's a collection agency trying to collect $196 on behalf of Comcast.  I never received a bill. So I told the collection agency I would call Comcast and take care of it.


I've yet to get anyone on the phone or chat with Comcast who seems to know what the next step is. Paying the collection agency is NOT an option, since I know that once paid - it stays on my credit reports as a PAID COLLECTION (which is just as derogatory for my credit score as an open collection) I'm TRYING to PAY the bill that I could NOT pay once Comcast moved by service / email accounts over to the new address.


I just got off the phone with a customer service agent - not my first try by a LONG shot - and after explaining the entire history - they hung up. Sure the connection could have been interrupted, but to be honest I couldn't even understand the guy because of background noise in the call center.


WHO can I contact to take care of this?


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Thanks for any help / direction anyone can give me.