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Invoiced incorrectly for a Service fee

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Invoiced incorrectly for a Service fee

I was charged a $60 service fee for a service visit involving changing a coax surge protector. After frying a number of (rented) cable modems due to bad grounding, this service call was scheduled by tier 2 support. However:


  1. The Comcast servicer did not perform the requested installation. I begged and pleaded. No dice. I actually ended up purchasing my own coax surge protector and modifying the cable box myself in frustration.
  2. I was informed by tier 2 support the service call was necessary and I was not informed of any charge.
  3. The equipment modified was on the outside of my home, which I understand is generally covered by Comcast.

I believe the $60 service fee was made in error.


Edit: this was resolved by other means. Thanks!

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Re: Invoiced incorrectly for a Service fee

Thank you for this update, do you need any further assistance?