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Intro Rate Expired

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Intro Rate Expired

Hi folks; 

I've noticed that my internet bill has gone up by around 60% from where it was when I signed up. Granted, there was a discount rate, and it did expire, but the feeling I'm left with is that you're looking to try and squeeze every penny that you possibly can out of your customers. 

I looked back over the emails I've gotten from you, and I was unable to find anything, anywhere, that would have reminded me that my discount was expiring, and that my bill was going to jump significantly, it just quietly happened on its own. The only place that there might have been a notice sent was to the Comcast email account you apparently created as part of my initial registration. Given that you were also sending emails to my regular account, it would be pretty underhanded to have sent a notice only to the Comcast account.

There was another, more reasonable provider that I was using in the last place I lived - unfortunately, I think the fact that I moved to a brand new building meant that they were unable to move my service to this new location at first. I have contacted them today to find out whether that has changed. 

Your billing practices, and the fact that - apparently - I can only contact you via an awkward chat window (still waiting, no indication of how much longer) or this forum, leaves me with even more of a feeling that you don't actually want to help your customers unless you absolutely have to. 

It would be less work if there was a way to reduce my bill, just for internet, from over $100/month. It would be more satisfying, though, if this other provider had a better offer, and you kept up your usual customer service record. I'm looking forward to giving you the finger.