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Internet pricing for long time customer

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Internet pricing for long time customer

one last try as i'm getting ready to leave comcast since i made zero progress with calling them today.


i'm currently paying $50/mo for Blast Pro, and the phone rep said that the best he could do for me is $70/mo for Blast Pro+. the 300mbit (over 275mbit) download speed does nothign for me and the only reason i was using the Blast tier (which long ago was 50/10) was to get the faster upload speed. sadly, he said he couldn't even match the advertised new customer rate of $60/mo.


has anyone had any better luck? i've been with Comcast since 2002 (told by the phone repo today), but this big increase in cost is going to change my mind. he did offer me $45/mo for Perf+ (100/5) which may do if i can convince myself to live with the slower upload (100 download is fine for our needs), but i would expect that to be closer to $35/mo, not $5 less than what i was paying for 275/10.


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Re: Internet pricing for long time customer

Same happening to me.

Discovered two years ago that sales reps don't offer the "best price".

I contacted business office telling them good bye and requested a prorated statement.

They asked "what's wrong... you've been a customer for a long time".  

Price vs. Service issue.  They offered a $10/mth increase plus additional movie channel.


Appears business office peeks at your account. Paying on time, in my case prior to due date, are the customers Xfinity wants to keep.


This year price climb was $60 to $99.  I dropped cable and took the $70 high speed internet service.  However Xfinity bills me in advace for both cable and internet regardless of cable being disconnected and control box returned.


Joe in Nashville