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Internet Essentials Bill

I enrolled in the Internet Essentials program a couple of months ago. You advertise that my bill will be $9.99/mo.

Last month my bill was $18.29, I believe. I figure, "Okay, it's probably a pro-rated bill or for two months." This month my bill is $12.60... This program is for poor people. I am poor. I notice the difference between $9.99 and $12.60. It does indeed matter.

While I could easily get to the page to make a payment (without viewing my bill) in a moment, I had to try repeatedly and wait minutes, not seconds, to supposedly see the "bill details." Ironically, once I managed to get to the bill details page, there were no details, only a statement to the effect that my bill is $12.60, my regular payment amount. Hardly detailed.

Needless to say, I am chagrined, at the least. Why is my bill $12.60 instead of $9.99? Why don't you give any details when I finally manage to struggle to the "details" page? Aren't you required by the government to give billing details? Why can I get to the page to "quick pay" my bill in a flash, but it literally took about five minutes to get to the page that doesn't actually show any details anyway? And last but not least, why did I have to go to this customer forum instead of just writing you an email? Not everyone wants to call or "chat."

Thank you.