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Increased monthly cost

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Increased monthly cost

It appears Xfinity will continue to drop TV channels while increase your monthly bill.

Xfinity should be providing the equipment necessary to view their TV programming rather than charging extremely high prices for their equipment.

Why does Xfinity continue to increase the Broadcast TV Fees along with Regional Sports Fees??? I don’t even watch sports.

I also noticed they have reduced their Triple Play Digital Preferred packages from 220+ channels from 260+ channels. Does this mean Xfinity will be dropping more stations in the future?? It also appears they will no longer be offering contacts to lock in the prices for 2 years.

It getting to the point why have Xfinity, as people lived for years without cable.

Xfinity should reduce their cost as they might gain more customers. If Xfinity continues to increase their prices people will be looking elsewhere.

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Re: Increased monthly cost

I am also questioning why the local fees keep going up and why I cannot cancel the local channels as they are available for free.  I have a contract with you and you have cancelled channels and increased fees but have not given me anything for the increased fees.

I just spoke with an agent and they were not able to provide me with any packages that meet my needs.  I do not need Gigabit internet, with less channels.  I do not want Pay channels but they are included in the packages.  If you really want to keep customers you should try to change your packages to what customers really want and not what you want to shove down my throat.

Out of your 220 channels, I may watch only 15 or 20.  The rest I must pay for to get the channels I want.  This is really lame customer service and since my "contract" is about to expire I am going to look for other options and cancel TV with you completly.