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Incorrect billing (charges for the equipment I never received from Xfinity)

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Incorrect billing (charges for the equipment I never received from Xfinity)

At the very beginning of May, I applied and got approved for Internet Essentials. So I  scheduled the drop off of the installation for 8:00 am-10:00 am on May 06.


On May 06 I waited at home from 7:20 until 1:00 pm, but no one had ever showed up for any drop off.  I had checked my mailbox and the front areas of my door several times, I saw nothing at all.  So I called Xfinity customer service and explained the no-show of any drop-off. The customer service representative called the staffs and confirmed that something went wrong with the drop-off process.  She made a new appointment for me for the drop off of the installation for 7:30 am -9:00 am on May 07.


The drop off on May 07 was successful as I got an bag with the free Xfinity modem for Internet connection.  This Xfinity Modem is the only one I have had from Xfinity.  Based on Internet Essential plan, the modem is free and I should only pay $9.95 plus tax for my internet.


But the bill I got from Xfinity kept charging me $14 for the equipment I have never recieved from the first drop off (the no show no package left drop off on May 6). In July I called twice Xfinity customer services. The first time when I called, the representative found out that the system put two mondems under my account and the $14 charge was for the modem I never received from the first drop-off.  She needed the identification number of the modem I was using to deactivate the modem that shouldn't be under my account. Unfortunately I wasn't at home during that call and couldn't immedicatly tell her the identification number. She said she had made a note in the sytem and I should call next time to just inform the identification number so that the charges of $14 for the rental fee would be removed.  I called several days later and I explained the situation over and over. The representative said he had deactivated the modem that shouldn't be under my account and I would get a new bill with credit for the rental fee. But it turns out that the bill I get for August is still incorrect.


The August bill includes the bill for Jul 06-Aug 05 and the bill for Aug 06-Sep 05. 

For Jul 06 -Aug 05,  $14 charge (Internet/Voice Equipment) was removed but a new charge of $13.09 is added for Services added(Internet/Voice Equipment).  I have no idea why there should be such a charge of $13.09.

For Aug06-Sep 05,  $9.95 for Internet Essnetials and $14 for Equipment & services (Internet/Voice Modem Rental Internet Esentials Program).  $14 charges for the modem for Internet Essentials??? I said over and over I had only one modem from Comcast for Intenet Essentials since May and I should not be charged for any rental fee for equipment based on Internet Essential.  


This month I contacted Xfinity for the thid times. I chatted with Komal online and I explained what I explained multiple times during my first two calls. Komal was very nice and responsible. She halted the charge of $14 for the future bills and promised that the incorrect charges for my current August bill would be returned to me through credits in my next bill. I feared that I might still get wrong bills but I decided to believe in Komal. So I planned to pay my August bill and waited for the credits for  the charges of $13.09 and $14 (that should never be in my August bill) in my next bill.


But today just as I was about to make the payment for the August bill, I saw the pop-up  message

"Please Return Your Equipment You'll need to return some of your Xfinity equipment that's no longer in use. We're offering easy, no-contact solutions at".  How many times should I say that I have got only one modem from Xfinity since May????  The first drop-off on May 6 (the one I waited for over 6 hrs) was a no-show (no one showed up, no package/no equipment ever dropped).  The only one I get was from the second drop-off and I am using it now for my Internet Essential plan. Could you please correct the error in the system and give me a correct bill for $9.95 per month plus tax for July and August and future months? 


I have hated to bother the customer service staffs over and over for this small issue as it is not easy for anyone during the covid-19. I have tried my best to be understable when no one showed up for the drop-off on May 06 and I have tried my best to solve this incorrect charge issue during the first call. Why couldn't someone in cutomer service do it correctly just for once and avoid wasting everyone's time? Every call during covid-19 takes about 1 hour waiting time and no one wants to bother anyone if things could be done correctly in the first place or at least be corrected the first time when the error was spotted.

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Re: Incorrect billing (charges for the equipment I never received from Xfinity)

It is outrageous that the bill for this month still charges me $14 for equipment renetal fee unless I return the equipment(for the equipment I have never received during the first drop-off!!!).  I am really angry about the charge for the equipment I never received. How could I return an equipment I had never received??? Who knows what happened to and whereabout of the equipment that had never been dropped off??? Ask your technician that was supposed to drop off the equipmenet on Sep 6 about the equipment: what had he done to the equipment?