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Inactive equipment charges billed to me for YEARS. (Since November 2016)

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Inactive equipment charges billed to me for YEARS. (Since November 2016)



November 2016, I returned a piece of equipment, which I've been paying for this entire time and didn't realize was never taken off my bill. Today is June 25, 2018. I call customer service to have the charge removed, just to have it placed back on there. It's the same response when I call customer service: If we discover that you did, in fact, return the equipment, we can refund you only 3 months of this charge, otherwise, it's your fault for not keeping up with your bill charges.
Comcast would temporarily relieve my anger by saying they'll remove the charge, and then it comes back up the next bill. I even have a confirmation code given to me when I returned the equipment years ago. Confirmation #: ap4pt2w8 ticket number: 0326070591 I've paid hundreds of dollars in "inactive equipment" charges, I've more than paid for this equipment yet they refuse to remove the charge.
They always say there's nothing they can do until THEY can prove that the equipment is in THEIR possession. I've looked through forums and found endless complaints of people going through the same problem. I do not know what to do.
Please help, I feel like I'm being taken advantage of and I can do nothing about it. Here are some articles containing people complaining about the same issue, some of who've been turned into collections:



 Full disclosure: I've reported this issue to the Better Business Bureau (I've also given the media permission to contact me for further statement), my local news investigative news channel (Channel 7 on your side) due to my disappointment of how this issue has been handled. 

Re: Inactive equipment charges billed to me for YEARS. (Since November 2016)

Since you have contacted the Better Business Bureau there is nothing anyone can do for you through the forums. You will have to wait until an agent contacts you.

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