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I’m trying to pay you guys..... H E L P!!!!

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I’m trying to pay you guys..... H E L P!!!!

  Well, I'm glad I'm not the only apparent 'dumb-dumb'' that doesn't know how to, or refuses to pay my bill because of some system glitch!!

  I've been trying to pay my cable for a little over a month now, and all because their system keeps kicking my card payment back w/ a "......Card Processor Decline (DO NOT HONOR)...." statement on top of the page.  I get an immediate notification that my card has been accessed with a no-signature transaction from Xfinity, but for 0 dollars, which is what happens if I enter it as a payment method on my electric bill, phone company, etc.  They just don't seem to want my money!!!

  I lack any patience to sit on the other end of a phone listening to them tell me it's my issue, when they are the only ones I have a problem with!


  I guess it's time to start shopping for internet!!!!!