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Hidden fees?? Unknowledgeable Staff?

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Hidden fees?? Unknowledgeable Staff?

So I am a new customer to Comcast. I have barely had service for a month now and I have been charged almost $400 so far for just the internet service. For service I have had for less than a month!!!

When signing up with Comcast, I went to a Comcast store to do so. I am not going to put you through the excrutiating pain of the whole process. But the rep that helped me should consider a new career. He was not helpful at all. At one point he had to ask his coworker how to do something on the computer and his coworker says "Man how long have you been working here? You should know how to do this already"

Like wow. That should have been my first warning sign.

Anyways, at the end, the rep told me I had to pay a deposit fee of $50.00.
Which I paid for, in store with him.

Later when I get home I found out I needed to get a service guy to come out to install a cable port in my house. I was told on the phone with a different customer service rep that there would be a one time installtion fee on my first bill for this. That was fine and understandable. And because I didn't actually get to use my service until a few days after I signed up for my service with Comcast, due to the installation of the cable cord, the rep told me I would receive a prorated discount on my bill. He left notes and everything in my account.

Ok good to go right?

No. About 2 weeks later I sign into my Comcast account just to check, and there is a posted bill already. I'm surprised because I didn't get a notification for the bill in my email or anything. AND it was one day passed the due date.

So I call Comcast to make sure this is right and to make sure the prorated discount is applied and that the service fee is correct.

The rep on the phone told me that I "should" have gotten a notice for the bill. And that the installtion one time fee was on this first bill, and the prorated discount had already been applied.
It sounded good and straight forward to me. So i paid my first bill. For $139.99, that was the supposed amount that includes the prorated amount and installtion fee. My normal service price is about $89.99
All good right?

No again!!!

A WEEK after paying my first bill, I get a notification of a new bill from Comcast in my email.

This time they want another $149.99 due at the end of January when I just paid my first bill in the beginning of January!!
I thought maybe they charged me again for the installtion fee for next months bill?
So I hop on to Comcast chat, and I spent a excruciating 2 hours trying to figure out why my second bill was so high.

Apparently they bill you twice in the first month. Which I could understand I guess......?

But the part that really upsetted me was: I was informed on chat, that the reason why my bill was so high was because I was charged a random $200 additional deposit fee! The rep on chat told me my first bill I paid $139.99 was for my $89.99 service plus an additional $50 deposit. (On top of the $50.00 I already paid in store)

And my 2nd bill I just recieved is the $89.99 service charge plus my one time installation fee of $60.
Oh and I never got that prorated discount on my first bill!! The chat rep helped me to finally get the promised prorated rate.

BUT remember that last rep I spoke to on the phone told me my first bill included the installation fee and prorated discount! So i guess the first rep on the phone lied to me??? Or is the second one lying?? Or are they both confused?

Still though, what is this surprise additional deposit???
The rep on chat said new customers get charged a $200 deposit?
But I already paid the $50 deposit in store when i first signed up. I wasn't told about a $200 deposit at all!!! I was only told $50. If it was $200, I would have went with a different carrier because that price is absurd.

I have had Comcast's internet service for LESS than 1 month now. And I have already been billed for almost $400 now. I have received shotty customer service, and my issue still isn't resolved. I get charged a surprise deposit fee after the initial deposit fee was stated and paid for. And it turnsout, Comcast also did a hard inquiry on my credit.

I like your products, but I've never dealt with this kind shady business practice with other service providers before.

Has anyone else been confronted with these surprise deposit fees? Or has been false fed information regarding billing?

Re: Hidden fees?? Unknowledgeable Staff?

Wow, that's really not normal Smiley Sad You seem to have the patience of a saint Smiley Happy


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Re: Hidden fees?? Unknowledgeable Staff?

Hello @Baossome, thanks for reaching out and I offer my deepest apologies with your onboarding experience with us. I would be more than happy to further assist you with this! Can you please send me a Private Message including the full name as it appears on the account and your full name if different?


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Re: Hidden fees?? Unknowledgeable Staff?

Thank you, I really tried to be understanding. But it got to the point of ridiculousness.