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Fully paid up before terminating, getting weekly harassing bills

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Fully paid up before terminating, getting weekly harassing bills

Just curious if others have similar stories.


Three months before moving, I called to cancel service effective 8/30. I was toild i had to wait until a window of 30-2 days prior to cancellation. They would not cancel my service.


On July 31, I went to the billpayment walk-in center operated by Comcast. I told them that I would be cancelling service, effective August 30th. I also mentioned that I had been told over the phone that I had to wait until a month or less before my move, to close thye account. Service guy said he'd never heard about that. I told him to ensure my service would by cancelled August 30th and gave him my forwarding address.


On September 3, I think, I received a bill for two months' service - the last month I was at the old address, plus an extra month. It was sent to the new address I had supplied when informing Comcast of my cancellation of service., so clearly they got that message but were billing me for an extra month just in case I felt a sense of duty or gratitude or idiocy.

I returned to the Comcast payments place on September 5th, my first opportunity to do so, and once I was able to see someone, I was assured that only the one month was due; that we had somehow crossed in mail or something and guy told me to send in just the one month's bill and I'd be all set. I asked if I could make that payment. He allowed me the opportunity, again giving me assurance that service was terminated effective 8/30 although he said his record showed 8/31 (my billing periods ended on the 30th and I was scrupulous to ensure there'd be no pro-rated one-day bills, poorly calculated or otherwise). He told me I would receive no further bills.

That was five days ago and I just received another statement, also at my new address, for another month's service. I tried the contact form on the web portal, was unable to send a message. Also, the chat pop-up had no place to type any messages from my end. The other option was to request a phone call, which I then tried.

My phone rang immediately by robodialer, which hung up when I answered the call.

I am forwarding these details and the bills to my state's AG fraud office. Any similar experience or additional suggestions?