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Fees unrelated to service, likely misallocation

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Fees unrelated to service, likely misallocation

1) I have a few extra charges on my bill that have grabbed my attention. I understand that these may be legitimate charges for television access.

Broadcast TV Fee $8.00
TV Franchise Fee $2.52
TV PEG Fee $1.07
TV FCC Regulatory Fee $0.08
TV Gross Receipt Tax $4.69
TOTAL: $16.36 / month

Here's the thing... I don't have cable television. I only pay for internet. These all appear to be TV-related fees. What's going on?

2) Separately, my internet speed averages around 10-20Mbps (down to as low as 2.0 at times), even though I'm paying for 60Mbps. What's going on?  I always had speed issues, but this became extreme after I removed television from my account (which I did not use once, BTW).

All in all, this seems potentially shady and I would love to hear a satisfactory explanation. I'm posting here before forwarding the complaint to standard FCC/BBB outlets as I would usually due when I sense malpractice by a company.  But I would like to give you a chance to reply first.


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