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Feeling taken advantage of

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Feeling taken advantage of

After last month of upgrading to the 1gig service and only getting 500mbps plus the 2 visits from techs I just accepted the fact that I wasnt going to ever get the 1gig speed. To make things worse I see on this monthe Bill's ik charged for a visit costing $70. I was never told at any time there would be a charge. But why would I be charged for you to fix a problem on your end? After speaking to a agent this morning i was offered a 35 credit. So I have to pay you to diagnose slower than advertised speeds? So ya I'm out $35 for 2 unsuccessful visits just for the techs to tell me that they havent seen anyone get 1 gigabit. Also does anyone know why xfinity does not have any speed testing equipment? That was the main reason they came inside my home, to use my computer to test the speed.
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Re: Feeling taken advantage of

Hi there, karic19. Thank you for posting in the community for support. We are sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing with your internet speed, we know issues of that nature can be very frustrating. We understand that on top of that, you also have concerns about the charge you mentioned. The last thing we want to do is to make you feel taken advantage of! We typically don't charge for service calls when the source of the issue is Comcast-related. This is going to be up to the technician's discretion. As an example - if we came out and determined that the cause of the slow speed is your equipment , that is where that $70 charge would come in. We do recommend this link being used to run speed tests, for accuracy reasons: We do also have the ability to pull up your speed test data on our end if that link was used, when you reach out to customer support. May we ask you what the technician mentioned as the source of your speed concern?

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