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False info on restoration of services

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False info on restoration of services

Called to have my service restored. It was $285 to do so. I told the agent I only had $185 and if I made a of that amount would the service Beresford and set up arrangements for the rest. She replied yes,make pay the $185 and call back right after to set up the rest with a card. I made the payment and called back. The second agent told me that I was given the wrong info and also the first person spike with made no notes on the account. I asked to speak with a supervisor which he assured me he would provide one one or two minutes. 20 minutes later he keeps repeating that without getting a supervisor. The phone then hangs up. Called back and talked to a different agent.,again no notes are being made on the account for some reason. She tells me that there is an outage and also waiting for payment to update and also waiting for the future
FULl balance to restore service. She won't even listen what was previously told to me about the account.? Can they falsely tell me something in order to receive a payment. Isn't that misleading? Shouldn't the first person have told me this wouldn't restore the services?
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Re: False info on restoration of services

Hi, marshamd82! Welcome to our community! We did have an issue with our billing system last week, my apologies for the inconvenience and miscommunication. I'd be more than happy to check your account and provide more details regarding the restoration of services. Please send me a private message and include your full name, the account holder's name as it's listed on the billing statement. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Send a message.

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