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False bebt

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False bebt

I have been a customer with Comcast for over 10 consecutive years. I recently obtained my credit report and saw my ONLY ding was from a supposed bill not paid in 2013 for 301.00. When I called to challenge this, noting that I have had the same social and phone numbers for the past 20 years and have received no attempts to collect a debt, I was told I could pay 60% of the alleged debt and it would show closed. It is still not desirable to show that I supposedly haven’t paid a debt for the last 5 years. I asked for proof or even documentation stating they tried to contact me and they could not provide it. I’m stuck with a hideous mark on my credit and because of Comcast’s inability to prove or waive this error, I will be canceling my service for the first time in a decade. I will NEVER do business with them again.
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Re: False bebt

Hi, Sara361 - My apologies for your experience. Please send me a private message and include your full name, the account holder's name and address as it's listed on the billing statement, a phone or an account number and I will check what we can do you for you in this particular situation. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Private Message Me.