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Early Termination Fee

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Early Termination Fee


I was told when I signed up my services that there wouldn't be a cancellation fee if we were to move to an area that Xfinity does not cover - we were not sure how long we would be up here due to a job change. We also did a chat with Xfinity and that person also stated it - prior to us listing our house for sale.


We have cable, internet and security. We didn't ask for security but the sales rep pushed it saying there wouldn't be any additional fee nor would it change our plan in any way. We were also told that if we wanted to downgrade plans we could and it wouldn't cost anything.




So now that we've had our house on the market for two months and we are no longer using the services we call to cancel it. The person on the phone informed us that an early termination fee would apply and we tried to explain what we were told when we signed up / chat session. The guy on the phone said "well we didn't tell you to move". My husband spoke to someone else (supposed to be a supervisor) and he said the same thing. He said we had a signed contract on file - which we never received. He mentioned that chat discussion and the agent said he would email someone from the chat group and they would call us back. Still don't have a call back. We tried to call yesterday and got the same run around. First person said an early termination fee would be $640 but the person yesterday said we would be charged two early termination fees - one for the cable and internet and one for the security - but she couldn't confirm how much the total would be.


The only thing we remember signing is the installation for the security. We went online and looked under Legal Agreements and Contracts and have posted a screenshot of what it shows. The home services agreement makes no reference to termination or fees. I have also posted an edited version of the chat screenshot (to remove the employee's name) for reference. I attempted to provide it to the customer service rep but they said the only way to send it is via fax (which I don't have access to nor have used a fax machine in the last century). I can provide the employee name if needed. The screenshot of the chat session was created Aug 20th.


My last bill goes through Nov 1st. I've attempted to cancel the services prior to then and do not want to pay for another month of service that I can not use. From what I've gathered from my mulitple hour long conversations with customer service is the free security offer, which again we were told over the phone that it wouldn't change anything, entangles you into another contract that charges triple the early termination fee (in addition to the other one).


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Re: Early Termination Fee

For correct information regarding Early Termination Fees please see here.

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Early Termination / Deleted Post

I made a post on 10/27/17 and it appears to have been deleted without an email or a PM..........


To sum of the prior post:


I signed up for service in March. Asked sales rep about if we would be charged fees if we had to move and the new area didn't have xfinity - the sales rep said there would be no charge. We signed up for internet and cable. The sales rep mentioned we could get security for "no extra charge" and stated it wouldn't change anything with our plan. We also did a chat session in Aug when we were notified to move and the rep confirm via chat that no fee would apply (have screenshot of chat and can supply).


We moved, put the house on the market and called last week to cancel service and the rep stated an early termination fee of 640 would apply. We explained what we were told about moving to an area without xfinity and the chat session and the rep said - "we didn't tell you to move" and said there was nothing he could do. Spoke to a few other people and spent a few hours on hold.


From what I gathered - you have a contract for internet / cable and one for the so called free security (which charges triple the early termination fee versus the internet / cable). I checked my legal documents page and do not see a contract nor anything that says anything about cancellation or fees. I have since reviewed the policy posted on this site - but it still doesn't change what I was told when I signed up, reviewing the legal documents page for information or the chat we had xfinity. That's three potential ways to communicate this fee that all failed. My billing goes through 11/1/17. I am not using the service and do not want to pay for another month that I won't use.

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Re: Early Termination Fee

Hello @Jennifer1234567. Please send me a private message so we can discuss the status of your Early Termination Fee dispute opened ticket. In the private message, please include your full name, service address, and account number, so we can discuss your account details. 

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Re: Early Termination Fee

These "early termination fees"; if binding at all, will certainly be rendered invalid if Xfinity fails to comply with their end of the agreement. Increasing billing when stable billing is promised represents failure to comply. These companies believe that autopay customers are captive. As such, they believe they are free to take whatever funds from your account they see fit. However, if you pay by credit card and your credit card company is a good one, you can instruct them to cease to honor charges from any specific biller. You may need to give your card company your reason. Many of the most popular credit card companies will have heard the story before.