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Downgrade Pricing Issues

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Downgrade Pricing Issues

I have talked with 3 people on the billing team online about downgrading to internet only.  each tried to get me to keep the 150Mbps speed and I told them I didn't want that.  They all offered me, after verifying my account with my name and address, the 60 Mbps for $49.95 for a year.  They told me they couldn't downgrade me on their own that the retention team had to do it.  But they told me that would be the price.  So I called this morning to downgrade and was told that price isn't available to me, even though I was told 3 times it was.  She said they were wrong, that they don't have any deals like that.   So I went back on the website to verify it again with the chat agent.  I asked specifically if that $49.95 price was avaiable for me.  He again said yes but that I had to talk with a retention agent to downgrade.     I have saved the conversation and want to have the price honored that was mentioned to me for the 60 Mbps Internet .


Mamta 8:41:40 AM

I have an offer for you. you can opt for a package of $64.99 with 150 Mbps speed and $79.99 with 300 Mbps speed And $89.95 with gigabit speed.

Mamta 8:44:42 AM


i don't need the 150, i think i have that now just because it came with the package i have


do you have like the 50 or 60 available stilll?



You can opt for $49.95 with 60 Mbps speed. if you need this package you can call our retention team.

Mamta 8:46:46 AM


ok and how long is that price good for, is that just a temporary one or is that the normal price



Its a special price for under .12 months contract.

Mamta 8:48:32 AM


ok sounds good but i can get that price for at least the first 12 months



Yes it will be for first 12 month if you want to opt this package you need to call the retention team.

Mamta 8:50:24 AM


ok i will give them a call to get that package. thanks a lot!


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Re: Downgrade Pricing Issues

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