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Dishonest billing

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Dishonest billing

I've had enough, I'm finally leaving Comcast and I don't care how fast their internet is. I'm also sending a copy of this message to the FCC.
Several months ago I got a couple months behind on paying my bill, because as you all know Comcast loves to jack up the cost for your services at the end of your plan so you're forced to contact them to renegotiate the terms of your services. I'm on an very limited budget due to starting my own business and I just need internet only to do my business and personal transactions. I informed Comcast I could not have my services exceed $60 per month. They said the only plan available was this plan for internet and voice combo. However, I own my own equipment and my modem doesn't have a phone jack, because I have my cell phone I have absolutely no need for the voice part of the plan. I never had voice connected to my service and have no need for it, but I agreed to the plan because it was under the $60 my budget allowed.
My main issue with Comcast is I cannot get caught up on my bill because I'm getting double late fees charged twice a month and I'm paying late fees on late fees. Also, since I'm not getting caught up they have disconnected my services a couple times and charged me $6 a piece for a reconnect, 1 for the internet and 1 for the voice which I can't even use (so what exactly are they reconnecting?). With all these fees, $32 tacked on every month it's no wonder I can't catch up. I was better off with the $80 they were charging before I renegotiated. *Edited Post*

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Re: Dishonest billing

Hi nineve66, 


Sorry you feel this way. In regard to your billing concerns, I'd be more than happy to see if we have any internet only promotions that will lower your monthly rate, but any service fees and late fees that have been billed would still remain valid. Anytime an account is disconnected, there will be charges billed for the reactivation of the services. 


In order assist you, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, street address including city state and zip code, and the full account number or phone number associated with your services.


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.


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Re: Dishonest billing

August of 2015, we had someone come to our door and talk us into re-signing with Xfinity.  My wife said no, but I did it anyway.

We have a contract that showed 2 years, home security, internet, home phone and tv, all for a promo price of $129 / month plus $43 for equipment, and free installation for everything.  He said after 2 years, it would go up about $40 / month.   I was ok with $210 per month when it went up.

Immediately we got a $600 bill and was on the phone several times and down to the xfinity location a few times, finally , in October, we got it corrected.

One year later, 2016, the problems began again.  Bill went up  to $266 a couple times, dropped to $230, a few times and again I tried to contact by phone and go down to office several times and try to show them  we were being way over chargedIn August of 2017, the bill should have reached the level we were told, about $210 per month.  

I actually started paying $220 per month, to be safe.  Shorly thereafter, we were seeing bills up to $266 / month.

Went down to store, made calls again and we told I'd hear from someone never did.

Got a call a couple of months ago, told service would be disconnected soon, we had a heated discussion,I told him I wanted it correct and money back from overpaying, and I told him FCC, attourney general and BBB were my next route if nother is corrected

Got another call today and are disconnecting May 2.

Guess court is next step after I finish my letters.  

Everything from day one has been a nightmare, from which I will never get my time back that was wasted on showing my contract, and not getting results.Can anyone give me some advice that will get this straightened out?                        

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Re: Dishonest billing

@stoffelvs - We can definitely check your account and assist you further but as my colleague ComcastChe mentioned - we need to get your full name, the account holder's name and address as it listed on the billing statement, a phone or an account number to proceed. Please send me or ComcastChe a private message with the required information. Thank you!