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Deceased primary account holder


I am Oksana Gievaya-Rada, George Rada's surviving spouse. My husband suddenly passed away on March 16th. It is a tragedy for me and my daughter.

My husband was a primary account holder. I looked at the Account change Request Form. It requires a death certificate. Still to this day, I have not received one. My daughter and I called the funeral home, the Department of Vital Records multiple times. They say it is in the process and might take other several weeks. My husband, I believe, had a contract. Currently, we have a plan that includes Internet, TV, and Phone. Neither I nor my daughter needs the TV and Phone as part of the plan. We would like to disconnect the two of these and only have the Internet. Or at least suspend it except the internet while we are waiting for the death certificate to arrive. What can you do to help us with this situation?