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Customer Value vs AT&T?

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Customer Value vs AT&T?

Why does Comcast continue to offer pricing to new customers that is substatially better than the offers to current customers? Helping my sister set up service in her first home and she gets the same service as I have asked for but for 40% less!?! I am willing to enter into a 2 year agreement with Comcast but they will not provide a pricing concession in return. I have been a loyal  internet and TV customer for more than 5 years and have been patient with them to fix service delivery issues at my address through multiple service visits. I have never recieved a concession when they are not providing the services they promised and feel un-valued.


Has anyone here had better customer experiences with AT&T? I am considering making the switch.

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Re: Customer Value vs AT&T?


Hi ToneyJG, I replied to your private message regarding your billing concerns. Please reach back out to me there for further assistance.