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Credit / Refund Unresolved Question

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Credit / Refund Unresolved Question

Whomever that falls under respresentative/employees of Comcast, I know your goal isn't to scounge me for my money for the most part. Most of you guys are just resolving problems that frusterates customer to no ends. Some of you guys do earnestly try to reduce the cost of our bill as to a fair point as possible because you also understand the value of a dollar, and how much time it actually takes to earn one.


"What should Comcast/Any company do to not ruins relationship with their customers?"

Don't screw them over at every turn, don't nickel and dime them whenever you can.


The issue I'm having is an issued I thought was previously solved in the past, now learning that I shouldn't take Comcast word as with anyone, actions carries weight, until you see Comcast have done what they said they will, keep on contacting them is the only option to resolve the issue.


So I've been a customer for 15 years plus. Many of those years, I've "rented" a modem from Comcast. I've tried to upgrade a few times to eliminate the audacious $10 a month fee.


Suggestion that Comcast will never take: (If a modem cost $90 retail, after owning the modem for 10 months, Comcast SHOULD eliminate the rented cost by switching the ownership to the customer. There is no logic in not doing so asides from greed of company.)


So in failing to upgrade a few times, Modem that was clearly on the list of Comcast approved Modem, but Comcast continuously claim otherwise. I've finally mananaged to upgrade my Modem to an owned purchase, and said goodbye to the greedy ISP rented modem scam that's "well, you don't have to like us, but we're all you got". Most ISP are similar in experiences.


The representative at the time that assisted me in upgrading my Modem to owned assured me that I would be reimburst/credit for the many years of rented modem after the first (So only paying rent fee for the first year, the rest credited). The employee saw the notes on my account that I've tried many times and went through multitude of interactions just to get to the point of switching to a own modem. I myself felt as if Comcast didn't want me to install the Modem, or for them to do it "professionally" for a hefty charge. (The simple solution would have just been to drop Comcast, and try another ISP looking back now.)


So all is good, the rented fee is finally dropped on my next billing, and I thought, all is solved. This was all in 2015, I've already spoken to someone else from Comcast regarding this issue, they could not solve it and suggested I go to the forum and call Retention Specialist as well. Apparently, all notes on account and billing history from 2015 does not exist anymore. Comcast only keeps history billing for 2 years, so they are claiming they cannot see any history of what my issue is.


It's 2018 now,  and suddently out of nowhere appears on my billing is "DTA Additional Outlet Svc" or additional TV cable boxes in basic. charges for $5.99 each. Apparently, when you install these, they just waive these fee for a promotional period, so they say "let's install them for all your tv in the house, doesn't matter how often you use them, let's just install them all",  then charge you afterward after the promotion is up. Another scammy thing to do, but I've already resolved these charges before they could be bill by talking to another Comcast employee earlier today.


The issue is, these charges have been waived for more than 2 years, The represenative I talked to earlier today said that my promotion period was up 6/17 but somehow I was not charged until 9/18 (now). I'm thinking, "is this seriously how they reimbursted me".... by crediting these proposterous charges and extending my "promotional period". Perhaps this isn't the case. I'm not seeing the credit applied anywhere else though, what makes it more scamful is that these "DTA Additional Outlet Svc" do not even show up on your bill itself, except for the first few months of having it installed. They simply remove "DTA Additional Outlet Svc" alltogether on my bill, they do not even show up as "waived". Until earlier today when I saw I would be charged for 5.99 each ($12). So they can surprise you with it later...


I am at lost now. The many years of owning a rented modem haunts me as a Comcast customer, and now with the history apparently gone. I perhaps might just have to be a Comcast customer that will never feel fairly treated, or just switch to another ISP and hope for the best.


At this point, I'm tired. Comcast is terrible, terrible when it comes to integrity.

The customer services are sometime human people that can relate to customers frustrations though. For they just work there, their aim isn't to raise the highest revenue. I'm hoping one of those will help me resolve my issue.


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Re: Credit / Refund Unresolved Question

Hello Johna15. 

I'm sad to hear that your experience with us has left you feeling this way. I would absolutely love to take a look at your account and see if we can get this all straightened out. Please send me a Private Message with your full name so I can help.


To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".

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