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Continue to get charged for rental equipment that I already pay for

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Continue to get charged for rental equipment that I already pay for

Posted this once and ComcastJoe looked into it and thought he resolved it.  I received a credit for one month but the problem has returned.  I've IM'ed him back without a response and my original thread is locked so I'm reposting it hoping someone can help me.
Continue to get charged for rental equipment that I already pay for

I've been having an issue for several months.  I keep calling in and getting it "resolved" but the charge keeps coming back.  The TV package I have INCLUDES (can even see it on the bill) a modem/router as part of the package.  Shortly after everything was installed I had a lot of issues with the provided gear and bought my own modem and router.  I kept the Comcast gear in case mine ever quits working I have a backup.  I'm paying for it.  I'd had it this way for approx 1 year and then got a letter one day saying I have Comcast's gear and if I don't ship it in I'm going to get charged monthly for it.  I've called in 2 or 3 times and each time they determine that it's because it's been dormant on my account but after seeing that I pay for it monthly in the package I have they credit my account and assure me it's been handled in the system.  I recently had a service issue and when the tech came out him and I discussed this ongoing issue.  He call in while standing in front of me on speakerphone and the person we talked to did the same thing.  She was even in the states and clearly understood exactly what the issue was and assured us it was taken care of.  Looked at my bill online tonight I see I've been charged AGAIN for it on the incoming bill this month.  I'm tired of having to deal with this problem and I pay for the equipment in my contract.  I shouldn't have to send it back and I'm certainly not paying for it twice  I need this fixed, I've got so many hours tied up dealing with this!!  Please help

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Re: Continue to get charged for rental equipment that I already pay for

Hello klutch14u. Apologies this issue has returned for you. I would like to investigate why this charge has resurfaced, and work toward a permanent solution. Due to the length of time since our last message, and due to our security policy, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.

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