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Concern about billing cycle

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Concern about billing cycle



I have subscribed to xfinity internet from the 1st of March as I moved to my new apartment on that date. I had set up my subscription and ordered my starter kit in the middle of February to get internet access in my new apartment.

I had called Xfinity support to ensure that I will be charged for the service from 1st March when I activate the kit and start using the service. The agent I spoke to assured me that I will be charged from the moment I activate the service and not before that. However, in the bill I see that I am being charged from the February 21st to March 20th and billing cycle has become from 21st to 20th which is an issue for me.

I am attaching a screenshot of my service used page which clearly shows that I have no usage in February.

 Screenshot from 2020-04-05 14-20-41 (1).png

Please help me out with this.


Thanks in advance,