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Comcast rips me off for 10 days service, fails to send bill, then sends account to collection agency

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Comcast rips me off for 10 days service, fails to send bill, then sends account to collection agency

We had two Comcast accounts because we needed Internet at our old house while we were preparing to sell it, and full service at our new house.  Once we sold the old house on 3/18, of course I needed to cancel service.  They tell you that you can do everything online or else call and possibly spend an hour or two on hold.  So a couple of days later I tried online, found the account cancellation page and submitted a request.  They accepted it with a response that "someone would contact me within two business days" to verify the request.  Nobody contacted me, so I tried the same process a second time.  Same response, same result - no contact and the account's still live.  So I called and waited for a real person to talk to.  He was generally useful though he kept trying to sell me new services (including at one point trying to sell me service for the NEW OWNERS of our old house!)  Finally he accepted the cancellation and emailed a return label for the cable modem.

I returned the modem within the required time and expected to get a final bill.  As soon as service was cancelled Comcast took away my access to online billing, so I expected a paper bill.  Nothing came in April, but finally a paper bill arrived in mid-May, dated 5/8 and "due upon receipt".  The bill was for over a half month of service - I had submitted the first online cancellation request about a week into the billing month.  But OK, whatever, I wrote a check and put the payment stub and check in the mail.  A few days later I get a letter dated 5/18 (10 days after the bill date) from "Eastern Account System of Connecticut, Inc." notifying me that "my account has been placed with their office for collection."

So Comcast:  (1) failed to process or follow up on two cancellation requests, adding at least a week to the period for which I have to pay them; (2) failed to provide a final bill in a timely manner; (3) finally did provide a bill almost a month and a half later; and (4) TEN DAYS after the date of the bill, sent my account to a collection agency.

If Comcast wasn't a virtual monopoly where I live, I would no longer be their customer.  If anyone asks me what I think of Comcast, I tell them stories of my past customer service encounters with the company - like the time their service man disconnected all of the cables connecting all my video and audio equipment when I stepped out of the room for a couple of minutes, when the problem was with their cable box.  But this latest ripoff and customer abuse by Comcast will now top the list.  COMCAST OWES ME MONEY.  They incompetently dragged their feet in cancelling my service so that they'd run up the amount I owed them, and then incompetently failed to bill me and punished me for their failure by sending the account to collection.


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Re: Comcast rips me off for 10 days service, fails to send bill, then sends account to collection ag

I'm not sure if this is the best forum to complain about it, on their own website. They just did the very same thing to me. I had no equipment of theirs, and my bill had been on autopay for many years. We've been with them so long we were long off of any promotions. I called to deliberately cancel my service on 3/17/20 knowing the next bill "in advance" would be on 3/18. Since we are billed in advance, unlike water or power, and I had no equipment, that should have been it.


Shortly thereafter I receive a "final bill" with a March 28 billing date saying saying my services have been disconnected. Under "Your bill explained" they were charging me a $115.90 (my bill was never more than $50) balance forward, and then "graciously" crediting $75.89 for a total of $40.01 due. The next month I received a bill with just the $40 "explained" and a letter from a collection agency shortly thereafter.


I've been talking to their agents for weeks trying to get a breakdown of what their charges were, especially considering I shouldn't owe anything. Of course, you know, they immediately block being able to see the billing via this Xfinity online account once you suspend service. There's no access to it.  The second agent I talked to, to explain the billing to me, kept changing her story about the billing process. At first she was saying that as we "pay in advance", the $115 charge was for service all the way to the end of April (I get billed in the middle of the month though), which they prorated down to $40.


My last "month in advance" payment with them was on February 18, and again, I called and canceled before March 18. That payment should have at the VERY LEAST covered till the 18th of March, by when I had already canceled. April should not even have been in the discussion. Really though, if the billing period I previously paid for actually started at the beginning of the month, as she was insinuating, then it should have been covered all the way to the 31st of March. I know I wasn't paying retroactively for my last bill on February 18, with the billing period starting at the beginning of February, as we "pay in advance", as it has always been for internet/cable.


On the paper final bill, the "your bill explained" section doesn't explain anything. She was supposed to email me a break down of those supposed charges, as I have no way to view them. Did she? Of course not. They are still giving people charges without any means of verification once you terminate. 


As I can not see the billing, I gave them the benefit of the doubt despite her changing stories and assumed that they did not cut off my internet until the end of March. I have no way to check. If that were the case, the most I would possibly owe is half of a billing cycle, or $25. She "graciously" lowered the amount to that much. Really though, if anything, and if my "month in advance" bill in February paid to the end of March, and they did cut off my internet when I told them to (with a bit of proof), then they owe me money. I have no way of knowing or checking.


I'm gonna go ahead and pay it tomorrow, but I fear they've probably already dinged my 800+ credit over $25 and their shady practices. Apparently, this is still worst rated company in the US (despite the past commercials to tidy their image), has been able to rip people off with impunity ever since the repeal of the net neutrality bill or something:


I'm going to complain to the FCC via this link found on reddit:


Apparently, the FCC now has their hands tied in lieu of the FTC ever since the repeal of that bill. However, the FTC has been slashed too much to be able to do anything so these companies get away with murder. I will complain to them as well as the BBB if possible. I recommend anyone with similar problems do the same.


Perhaps if enough people voice their opinions it will make a difference. It's high time all these corporate mega-giants of industry stopped being able to rip people off with zero accountablility. Their mafia style territory zoning they practice to remain a monopoly is not free market capitalism. I hope Google Fiber will become a second option and put them out (ironically, replacing one monopoly with another until they write laws to fix this stuff).


These links will probably be blocked, so I recommend googling this topic on Reddit for them.