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Comcast customer service and billing


Comcast customer service and billing

Why is Comcast making it so hard to speak to someone local?   
You all have been trying to call me all day.  I answer..and its dial tone.  Last time I answered I di so saying hold on because someone knocked on my door at the same time...yes I'm still tethered to the phone.  lol
I set up an auto-payment for the 4th 2 weeks ago but now I don't see it.    I'm not setting up another because frankly, I just don't trust Comcast to not charge me twice and right now, being on disability that would be really bad...for me.

When I try to utilize chat the text box won't show even on my big monitor and I can't move it.  I think you designed that for smartphones.  I don't use a smartphone.    And its mostly the same as the phone tree ... just talking to another computer.

So if I get cut off in the middle of this crisis...Im going to be hopping mad.  I have done all I can to let you know I intend to pay for my services as I have done for 20 years.  Sadly, your customer service and the ability to speak with someone in this country has gotten dramatically worse over those same 20 years.  

my area code 99201