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Comcast cares???

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Comcast cares???

TV/Internet: After more than 3 months trying to get my billing resolved, I have still not heard from a supervisor nor the customer service department (in response to a survey taken). Comcast Cares? What a joke! Upon opening my bill today, I see it has not increased almost $26.00 per month. Are you kidding me? There is a note on the bill stating "a change was made to your Xfinity services". What change? I never made a change. Trying to get through to an agent is a ridiculous 40 + minute wait.

Phone: When I switched my phone service to Xfinity, I was promised a gift card and free talk/text with data storage included on the phone. I am now being charged additional service fees above the $20.00 originally quoted.

Since I doubt I will ever hear from a customer service agent, hopefully this will send out a message "buyer beware"!