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I was contacted by one collection agency (Credit Management) about an alledged debt due comcast.  When I explained the situation they sent me a letter stating that they would not continue collection efforts.  Now I have received a letter from another collection agency (ERC) claiming the same amount is due.  What is the best way to dispute this amount in an official manner so that these claims stop?  I can reach out to ERC, but I worry then Comcast will just send this to another collection agency. It is starting to feel like harrassment.  When the original claim was made Comcast told me by phone that the claim was in error.

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Hi LuoXue5443, 


Thanks for reaching out. I can help address your billing concerns. In order to access your account can you please verify the following information in a private message?  

  1. Your first and last name

  2. Account number or Phone number associated with the account

  3. The full street address including unit number city state and zip code

To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.