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Charged for service I didn’t ask for

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Charged for service I didn’t ask for

My service stopped working randomly. I called and had someone from Comcast try to troubleshoot the gateway and they couldn’t do it. They scheduled a service appointment but no one ever said that I would be charged $60 for it. I didn’t ask for this appointment it was made by Comcast and was not explained to me. If someone had told me I would have to pay $60 for this I would not have allowed them to schedule it! It was a Comcast issue that my service stopped working. It seems unfair to charge me for your service not working and not tell me you were going to charge me for it.
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Re: Charged for service I didn’t ask for

Hello Person2. Thank you for joining the Xfinity Forums and for creating your first post! We are glad you are here!


I can assist with reviewing your account and the technician visit fee you were charged. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and account primary number so I can access your account.