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Changes to service

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Changes to service


     My Dad is on disability has has recently moved into another home. My S.O. and I aren't home often and don't watch much television ourselves. However, we very much enjoy the internet service. We would like to drop our plan down to just the iternet service with its current speeds. I attempted to make changes to my plan through the Xfinity site but the page is loading blank with the window showing "Sorry".  I mentioned this to a friend who said he posted on the Xfinity forums to do a similar change to his account and was quite happy with the process. I've opted to do the same on his recommendation.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Changes to service

Services available  on the Xfinity web site are mostly all designated for "New Residential Customers".


So, check the Rate Card, (services & pricing list for existing customers), for your area. 

Then you can compare and choose what's actually available, and/or have a basis to compare any

promotional packages they might offer.   If you're currently in a contract, be sure to take into account any consequencs of changing or removing current services. to n. . I . I


After signing in to your Xfinity MyAccount , this link should access the Rate Card  PDF document,