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Cannot make a payment towards my balance after canceling service

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Cannot make a payment towards my balance after canceling service

This is rich. I'm so glad I got rid of Comcast.  They sent a final bill.  Once you cancel service, but keep your email, they remove every bit of access to any part of your previous account pages, viewing bills, and even the "make a payment" pages!!!  You can't even pay your last balance online anymore.  I can only log in to my email.


If I pay through an agent, it costs extra. No friggin way will I pay them one more cent than I have to.


Help pages lead to three or four other automated ways to pay, but my attempts to click on each of those links quickly flashes my old billing and payments page for a split of a millisecond then drop me on the new landing page without access.  I even tried to go through the page for paying without logging in, following the instructions in their help pages. I entered the captcha verfication that I was warm blooded on my end, and then I entered how to validate my account using my address and phone number or account number, and then it tells me I'm trying to access a restricted area and I need to log in first ... ... ... uhhhh, why? And after logging in they drop me back onto the new page that doesn't allow me access to any billing or payments, so it doesn't give me any option to pay.  -_-   We should be able to make a payment WITHOUT having to log in when we are using the site COMCAST tells us is for How to Pay Your Bill Without Signing In, shouldn't we? (title from their help pages!) Nothing that their help pages said would happen when I went to that site happened in the way they said.  I just tried again in front of my husband (because I was laughing so hard, and I gotta share the disbelieving fun,) and after verifying my account, it sends me straight to the official log in page  xD  Omg. I am sooooooo glad I don't have to deal with them anymore!!! They wasted so much of my time over the 23 years, and ridiculous amounts of my time this year alone, and also again when I tried to cancel.  Now their "time-wasting-tenticles" are still reaching me by causing me all THIS wasted time trying to pay them.


Oh, just call them and pay over the phone you say? HA! That costs extra. They are trying to force me to do that and pay more. So I scheduled a call back about this issue for tomorrow, because apparently you need to make an appointment with them to pay your bill. I won't pay during that call because no matter WHAT the agent says, like, "oh i'll wave that fee..." my 23 years of experience screams [bad words.]  (no, they didn't edit my post there, it is a self-imposed edit knowing it was going to happen anyway. Just know an overfed bull had something to do with it and left a mess.)


Of course they charged me a $200 termination fee like a pouty child when I switched companies. Ya I know the contract terms, but I was deceived into a "contract state" when I was told there was NO contract when I downgraded my service by $100.00, but that's another dead horse to beat for another time. I still don't like termination fees in these kinds of services. It's not like someone else was waiting in line to give them business and they missed out on earning money from them because I was taking up the spot. And the "but we agreed to earn x number of dollars from you over a period of time to give you a savings over full price"  is a scam. Ha! No one pays full price anyway because they always get the new deal when their bill increases and they call, so they didn't lose a cent afterall. AND, when I changed my plan earlier this year, it was to DOWNGRADE, and it wasn't supposed to be a contract because all I was doing was getting rid of the more expensive services, NOT trying to get a promotional deal!! 


Whatever..... it was MORE than worth my $200 to get rid of Comcast.  I fought the contract scam for just one phone call (took over an hour to get to the right person to ask, lmao) and then let it go because it's also worth $200 to me to never have another minute of my time wasted by them again, especially on the phone. This call tomorrow is a comical farce since I can't pay that way without absoulute legally binding proof given to me on the spot that they aren't going to charge me a fee for paying that way. Besides, I need to pay the balance in three payments, so I am NOT going to go through all this racket each time or risk a fee three separate times with three separate agents.


Pay through your printed bill you say? I stopped using checks years ago. LOLOLOL  And why should I incure the cost of a stamp if I can pay online with every other company in the world today? And why should I incur the risk of sending my payment information written down through the mail? Not these days with the theft identity cesspool.


This is all either a huge oversight on their part, more of that poor customer service, or more likely a purposeful tactic against those who cancel. Conjecture sure, but we have a right to surmise about it with each other without them deleting that from my post in their over zealous editing to remove any negative comments about them.


Comcast, you want that balance? I want to pay it!  Good Grief!!  Give me a way to pay online, or to do so on the phone with an agent FOR FREE and I will. What I will NOT do is send my debit card or checking account information through the mail, especially 3 times! OR pay an additional fee for using an agent.