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Cancellation of service and expected refund date?

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Cancellation of service and expected refund date?


I have tried to contact 800-934-6489 many times in the last 2 weeks and I never get a chance to talk with a human. I have proof of return on my equipment as of June 9 and I am trying to understand when is it that I will get a refund for services they charged me and they said they were not going to charge me? I have originally initiated becoming a new costumerin May but the technician couldn't come inside my house to installl the equipment so I had to return everything... I have called many times to try to get refunds for what they have charged me that wasn't authorized to begin with and I cnnot talk to anyone? 

If I received a notice that that the equipment has been returned as of June9, when can I expect a refund what what I was charged earlier this month? And on top of that, Comcast has sent me a new bill dated as of June 15...???

I am not a customer anymore and I have returned my equipmment and I have a proof of it so why can't I get a refund? Why is it so easy to besome a new customer but to try to have a refund for service that won't work because of the pandemic, I can't get a hold of anyone?

Thank you in advance if someone has an answer.

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Re: Cancellation of service and expected refund date?

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