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Can someone fix my online bill?

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Can someone fix my online bill?

I moved at the end of last year. I took the modem with me and am still using the exact same service.


When I got the first bill after I moved, there was a $90 modem return charge. So I went to the store in my new location and they said they fixed it. I then received the new bill, which got both the charge details and billing cycle wrong. I've gone to this location five times now. They kept saying that they fixed the issues and I should wait 48 hours before my online bill would get updated, but it hasn't. I've even emailed a manager there and didn't get a reply.


The issues currently are:

  • The cycle date I can see in my online bill is different from the cycle I was told by the store clerk
  • The bill says I'm past the due date with some amount owed, even though I paid
  • The monthly service charge is wrong

I'm worried that going to the store won't ever fix the problem. I'm also worried I'm going to get a late fee charged soon, which will be yet another issue I'd have to deal with. Can anyone help me out? Can anyone look into my account and fix my online bill?

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Re: Can someone fix my online bill?

Hi bherman0615, 


I can assist you. Can you please verify your first and last name, full street address, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message? 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.