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Cable hazard

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Cable hazard

I have a cable cord that was carelessly placed in my bedroom.  At my age, 75 years, it could be a hazard. I have been living with it, since I would rather not have people I don't know in my home, but now I feel I have a need to report it. I have included some photos. I would like billing to mark my bill paid in full and if anything should happen to me, as a result of this ,Comcast would not be liable. 

I wrote a detailed email but there is no place I can find to send it. I have several photos but I don't know if I can send more than one.

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Re: Cable hazard

Hi as well have coax that is carelessly laying across the hallway and through the living room for the past 2 years. And just lay rugs over spots to cover some of it, but still the fact that they said that they would send someone out to do it the right way is really unprofessional of them