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COVID-19, Billing, and Speed - Missteps..

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COVID-19, Billing, and Speed - Missteps..

Xfinity continues to be "broken" . Here is why:

1. 2 months now, I have received notice prior to billing notice that I am getting a $50 rebate for cap. Great. However, there is a billing reminder 2 days later for full amount due.  I end up paying for the discounted rate. (fortunately..)
2. Unfortunate part: Related to the above, this isn't really a $50 rebate for the cap and COVID-19..and whatever else the reason Xfinity wants to list. This is an excuse for the inability for past 3 months to have anywhere near speed I pay for. 


How about we call it what it is and wondering if I should simply downgrade my service to what I am indeed getting for max speed? My 1 year contract allows for this correct?


I am paying for 1gb and getting on average closer to 400 mb. I was easily 900mb when I first signed up.