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Burden of proof

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Burden of proof

I have lived at present address for 11 years Had service in my name 2years of which I disconnected in September, returning all equipment and zeroed out my balance. All this due to a layoff. Fast forwarding to 1/12/2018. I'm ready for services of internet, however, I call to say for 3months I've recieved a bill in my address and apartment number but not my name, nor do I know the person. Again, lived here 11 years. I'm told to email my lease ID, Electric (current) bill. I did the morning of 1/12/18
Today 1/15/18 I call and within 1:20 mins I've emailed same docs 5 more times from original send on the 12th On the last 30 mins of holding and we're trying to find email I'm dressed and headed to an office with actual personnel...2 hours in with 11 years of lease paperwork, ID and current bills for address, along with the bogus bills being sent... and 6 open I-chats I'm told unless I move or the fraudulent person chooses to pay balance AND reinitiate services they cannot do anything!?!?!?!? In what world is that the solution.;How can you stay in business and operate this way. I sat with 11years of proof and you honor what you admit is bogus and fraudulent but if I move then great. A lawyer and NBC is my next move. Agrivated doesn't describe the degradation of Comcast for me!!!

Re: Burden of proof

Hi Candace8 -- I can help with this serviceability situation. Please send me a PM with your name, address, and either phone number or account number. I will work with our Collections team on a resolution.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.