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On Dec 2, 2020 I was directed to a very nice individual who helped me reinitiate service with Xfinity.

On Dec 9, 2020 technician arrived and decide overhead cables(severed) weren't suitable for use.

Instituted request for new underground service wire to be installed.

Many, many days later, about January 14th cable was installed, although it cut marked cable of current service provider.

I then cancelled service with them, as no sense in having them come out and repair a service cut that was not their fault.

Visited local support folks January 22,2021  for about the fifth time,  and they indicated they had been informed service had been installed-it hadn't, underground wire had though.

Finally today January 23 technician(same as from Dec 9) arrived and he associate hot installation completed.

HOWEVER, billing has been billing me since Dec 2, and I, not paying for uninstalled service, have an suspended account/service.

So after almost of 2 months of waiting, I'm sitting here with no TV service.

Thank goodness there's no big football games on tomorrow!

I'd appreciate an answer.