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I recieved my Nov. 18 paper statement and called Comcast because it was much higher than my previous bills. 

I spoke On Nov. 25 with Cali (ID#191488).

She told me that there would be no charge for my HD and that the DVR service fee would be reduced to $7.99/ month.

Yesterday I received my statement by e-mail and no reductions were shown, so I was on the phone again today (12-9-17) with Alberta to try to straighten this confusion out.  She said that Cali's reduction in my fees were only a one-time deal.  This was absolutely NOT what I understood from Cali.

So I asked to speak to a manager and got a call from Stephonie who confirmed what what Alberta told me.  They can only say what their computer screen tells them, I was told.

I am very unhappy with the service that Comcast is providing.  Every time I talk to a different person, I get a different answer.

I consider this to be misleading and even deceitful.  There is definitely a communication problem here!

Please respond.