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Billing of old account

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Billing of old account

I was on the phone with a representative that seemed to go on forever without the issue being resolved and I did not appreciate his attitude toward the matter. The issue is that I have been an unprecedented and a loyal consumer with the Comcast company for over 30 years. I had an account in my previous name for many years then when my life changed, I decided to cancel that account in which I did and then, later on, reopened a new account under my new married name and address. The issue is the old account was closed out like a year ago but, I received a collection letter for an amount that I DO NOT OWE !!  I was told by a representative that the old bill was settled and was closed out entirely. I was given a confirmation number representing that fact.and assured the matter was all taken care of nearly 10 months ago. So, why now after 10 months am I receiving a collections letter stating that I owe for the old account. I do not agree with the way this matter has played out as I know for a fact that I have an excellent credit record and with the fact that this matter was settled nearly a year ago that I get such a letter that looks bad on my credit. I believe the matter was taken care of many months ago. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT'S MY RESPONSIBILITY OR OBLIGATION FOR THIS ISSUE. I need someone to let me know this matter NO LONGER EXISTS. 

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Re: Billing of old account

Hi, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to check for any offers for you from here.