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Billing Issue

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Billing Issue

I received my bill and had an extra $34.99 charge for an on demand rental.  The discription was HD Peru Vs Scotland.  When I called the representative told me it was a movie and since 23 minutes or so was "watched" we could not receive a credit.  However, NO ONE in this household ordered this so-called movie.  And when my daughter researched, there is no "movie" by that name.  A review of the billing records will show that for the past year and probably 5 years, there has not been a single purchase for entertainment extras.  I could blame my 4 year old grandson, but at 9 PM he was in bed and my husband and I were watching TV and certainly would remember seeing this program which by the way turns out to be the World Cup and which I am sure we never ordered.

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Re: Billing Issue

Hi williamet, thank you for reaching out and I can review this further for you.  Could you please send me a private message with your full name and phone number.


Thank you