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Billing Credit never applied as per promise

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Billing Credit never applied as per promise

I had issue with Internet speed since last 3-4 months and after contacting comcast via Chat, the guy couldn't resolve the issue. So they sent out Technician to my home and found the other technician installed the cable improperly that's why there was Speed issue. He resolved the issue at that time. But what about the issue I was suffering from last 3 months ?


For that, I contacted Comcast again via Chat to compensate for the no internet, slow speed and all other issue. The chat guy calculated outages in the area in last 3 months and came up with credit of $156.61 to be applied to my account in next 3 months. What I see in next month billing is credit of only $56. I called after a month to inquire about remaining $100 and the different lady on phone, it will be applied to next billing cycle. That never happened and I called again after a month, Again same story. No result.


And finally after 3 follop ups, I called today 01/08/18 and the lady on the phone said there is no record of Credit in chat log or call record or note. How funny ? It was confirmed 3 times before and promised again & again and now no record of that. She again "escalated" the issue to Escalation team and came back with "Denial".

I still don't see credit applied to my account.


I never had to follop up so many times for so little thing. What I  think is comcast is playing game and do not want to pay for slow speed which was real issue. They don't care about the customer and now that I was thinking to get TV/Cable but now I have the change my mind.

I think it should be 1-2-3 but not in this case. They like to play games and waste customer time.


Hope this provide the full story for other cusotmer to understand how the "Comcast" works and make the decision when choosing their Internet/Cable provider.

I have chat log for the conversation too if you need the proof where I am coming from.


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Re: Billing Credit never applied as per promise

Hi preety777, 


This isn't the experience we want for our customers. I'd like to take another look at your account as well as the chat logs you have as this will help in my investigation. To protect the privacy of your account, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, the phone number, the street address including city state and zip code, and the account number associated with your services.


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.