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Billing Audit Request Status

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Billing Audit Request Status

My problem is a June increase to $42.58 after 6 months on a 12 month contract.  My details below show my conversation on 1 Nov2019 for a $70 hookup fee and a $30 monthly annual fee. I gave Ms Windle permission to audit my phone call on 1 November to validate my oral contract and have heard nothing in response.  I have been advised by my bank to post this credit card complaint first and to contest the amount after posting in 12 more days.  Please audit my records to correct this billing.

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All monthly bills have been $30.00 to my credit card.

 1June2020 505pm Phone call to Ms Windle to contest higher billing due 19June.  She forwarded my concern to auditing.

2019Nov01 12 Month Contact Start for New Acct# 8535............73.