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Billed for visit with error outside house

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Billed for visit with error outside house

Had someone come out to my house to fix an issue that should have been fixed upon Installation... I paid 60 for install. Had to have a tech come back, he replaced the cable outside on the pole becuse it was causing internet issues. I got a charge on my bill for 60. Called tonight.... Got transferred to billing and the line dropped. The called back and was on hold for 20 minutes no music or anything, they left me on hold. Any help xfiniti....

I was told by the person I talk to when I called in the issue that if it's outside the house there wouldn't be an issue with a bell and then the technician also said there won't be a bill since it was outside the house... since then I've spent countless hours on the phone trying to get ahold of a real person that can help me instead everytime I get transfered and the call drops. I've tried to schedule a call back from the billing department however that also does not work.
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Re: Billed for visit with error outside house

Longhi93 -- Do you still need assistance with this issue?