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Why my bill went up so high. From 66 to 96 just a month?
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Re: Bill

@Maok wrote:
Why my bill went up so high. From 66 to 96 just a month?

If you look at your bill online and compare it to last month, doesn't it identify the changes?  Did a promotion end or charge adjust after 1 year?

Joe V
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Re: Bill


Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above.


Looks like the promotional and discounted contract pricing on your Internet Plus Basic package ended. You were enjoying a discount of $28.96 a month on this package as per the agreement. 


That $28.96 variance plus some associated and corresponding taxes, fees and other charges (due to the new higher monthly rate) resulted in an additional 83 cents this month for an all-in increase of $29.79 month over month.


I hope that helps to explain.

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