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Bill went up $30, No option to downgrade

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Bill went up $30, No option to downgrade

Bill went up by 30 dollars with no notification and no ability to downgrade my internet and JUST interrnet. 600 Download speed and not only have i never actually gotten that speed but now they expect me to pay 116.95 a  month for speeds I never get, a garbage piece of plastic for a modem, and for "Elite Internet." Debating on exploring other options because at this point I am not impressed at all with the services offered. Even trying to downgrade im stuck getting TV because "They dont offer just internet" when a month ago i could find internet plans for the same price. 

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Re: Bill went up $30, No option to downgrade

If you search this Community Forum for 'internet only' you'll see how customers were able to successfully downgrade to internet only.  Might take help from an agent.

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)