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Bill keeps going up, can't manage plan online

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Bill keeps going up, can't manage plan online

The website still does not allow me to manage my plan online and my bill keeps going up. I cannot edit or view the specifics of my plan so I still cannot compare my current plan to other available plans that may be cheaper or have different features. Every time I click on Manage Plan or SHOP/UPGRADE, I am just brought to an error page that says I have to call Comcast, defeating the purpose of using your website.  There are tons of posts about this issue dating back years. It appears that Comcast has deliberately hobbled their website to prevent us from managing our plan online, because this can't still be a 'glitch'.

I have the triple play but don't use/need the landline, I have a single TV and a small number of devices that connect to the internet, why is my bill steadily approching $200? Your website and customer service are severly lacking and I am considering switching to a different provider that just became available in my building. I need my bill reduced or I may have to downgrade or even discontinue my service with your company because I cannot afford your prices.

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Re: Bill keeps going up, can't manage plan online

Hi, L0gan584, thank you for reaching out on the forums. The website is working as normal. In order to get the most accurate information, we ask our customers to reach out to us to review the account. I just got your PM regarding new promotions, please get back to me there when you can! 

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