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Bill is way too high

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Bill is way too high

I’m paying almost $130 a month right now for Blast and 140+ channels. I don’t need Blast and want to downgrade, and I’ve been with Comcast for the better part of 10 years after leaving briefly and coming back 5 years ago.

I don’t understand why I have to pay so much more than new customers. I feel like there should be better pricing for loyal customers, and my bills about to go up $20 roughly. I’m looking into switching from Verizon to Comcast for Mobile too, but I need to get this sorted out first.

There’s plans here on the website for $50 for 130+ channels and 60 mbps for new accounts. I’m really looking to just keep my final bill under $100 after taxes, fees and the modem. I’ve called a couple times and talked in Messenger and can’t find what I want, despite some very helpful associates.

I was offered $90-ish for 100+ channels and Blast Internet. That’s a great deal, but I really want the reverse, the 140+ channels and a lower grade internet. If there’s anyway someone could help me and retain me a second a customer, that would be ideal.

Thank you

Re: Bill is way too high

Hi Dbh1987 -- I can help with your account rates. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I will review our available offers for you.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.